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Talcum Powder Lawsuits in Texas

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Entire generations of women have used Johnson & Johnson’s talcum-based Baby Powder, applying it regularly to their children and to their own bodies without any fear of danger. Today, the personal care giant has faced more than 12,000 lawsuits from 4,800 female consumers, who developed ovarian cancer, fallopian tube cancer, and mesothelioma as a direct result of using Johnson & Johnson talcum powder. The reason? Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder is sometimes laced with asbestos, a known carcinogen.

As more evidence emerges that Johnson & Johnson knew about the presence of asbestos for years, consumers have a much better chance of being compensated appropriately for their cancer-related injuries. At Zambrano Law Firm, our skilled Texas attorneys can help if you’ve been hurt by Johnson & Johnson’s negligence and will provide you with the compassionate, dedicated advocacy you need.

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Johnson & Johnson: Signs of Corporate Negligence

Because asbestos is mined right alongside talcum, any manufacturers who use talc must be exceptionally vigilant about checking for asbestos, making sure their products are safe before they ever reach consumers. Asbestos is the only known cause of pleural mesothelioma, which is a crippling and terminal form of cancer that most commonly affects the lungs and heart. This toxic mineral can also cause a wide range of other cancers, especially when applied topically or ingested.

According to a 2018 Reuters investigation, officials at Johnson & Johnson first became aware of the asbestos contamination as early as 1972, when multiple lab tests confirmed “rather high” levels of asbestos hiding in their talcum powder. In spite of this information, Johnson & Johnson took steps to hide the test results from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), as well as dismiss dozens of subsequent lawsuits that alleged cancer injuries.

By the summer of 2018, however, Johnson & Johnson was no longer able to hide the hundreds of internal corporate memos and tests on asbestos, all of which showed clear evidence of negligence. In one claim, 22 women who had developed ovarian cancer were able to recover nearly $5 billion in damages from a St. Louis jury.

Standing Firmly on the Side of Consumers

At Zambrano Law Firm, we’re appalled by the clear lack of regard for human health and life implied in the Johnson & Johnson internal memos. Ovarian cancer, fallopian tube cancer, and mesothelioma are both serious, life-threatening conditions that no person should ever have to experience. If you or a loved one has developed either form of cancer, you could be facing steep medical costs, painful chemotherapy, and high rates of fatality.

By filing your case, our experienced legal team may be able to increase your personal injury lawsuit compensation.

Companies like Johnson & Johnson have made billions in spite of using known carcinogens in their products. Through a claim, you can still pursue your own claim for compensation, while ensuring that others receive justice for their cancer injuries, too.

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