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When a parent drops their child off a daycare provider, they assume their children will be well supervised and cared for by the facility’s staff. Unfortunately, thousands of children are the victims of abuse every year at daycare facilities across the country. According to a report from the State of Texas, nearly 67,000 children suffer abuse in daycares throughout the state each year.

Types of Daycare Abuse

  • Physical Abuse: This form of abuse can range from roughly grabbing a child by the arm to spanking or hitting a child. Physical abuse often leaves temporary marks, debilitating injuries, or scars. Any time a daycare worker puts their hands on your child, it can be considered a form of abuse.
  • Emotional Abuse: Although it may seem less serious when compared to physical abuse, emotional abuse can have far-reaching effects on a child. Anything that harms your child developmentally, cognitively, or behaviorally can be considered a form of emotional abuse.
  • Sexual Abuse: This form of abuse includes daycare workers touching a child’s genitals, coercing a child to have sex with them, and taking photos or video of a naked child. According to one study, one in four girls and one in six boys in Texas will experience sexual abuse before they reach the age of 18.
  • Neglect: This type of abuse is more passive than other types, but can still significantly impact a child’s development. Examples of neglect include not changing a child’s diaper, failing to feed a child, and failing to properly supervise and protect a child. Neglect typically occurs in overcrowded or unlicensed daycare facilities.

Signs of Daycare Abuse

The following are common signs of daycare abuse:

  • Your child is suddenly aggressive toward other children or family pets.
  • Your child exhibits poor concentration or has a bad memory. This usually happens with older children who are being abused.
  • Trauma or redness in your child’s genital area.
  • Your child flinches whenever they are touched.
  • Your child is afraid to go to daycare or clings to you when you drop them off.
  • Your child demonstrates more affection-seeking behavior than usual, such as asking to sit on your lap, clinging to you, or frequently asking for hugs.
  • Your child suddenly starts to have nightmares, wets their bed, or has night terrors.
  • Your child develops an STD.

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If you suspect your child is being abused at daycare, you should immediately report the abuse to the police and then consult with an experienced lawyer to discuss all of your options to pursue justice. At the Zambrano Law Firm, we are committed to helping clients throughout the state of Texas who have suffered abuse at daycare facilities, and we are prepared to fight for you.

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