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In a typical car accident case, claims generally involve the two drivers, their attorneys, and their insurance providers. If you are injured in a car accident with a commercial vehicle, another party may be involved with your claim: The other driver’s employer. Truck accident and commercial vehicle accident cases are often more complex than typical car accident cases for this reason. The attorneys of Zambrano Law Firm can help you take on negligent parties, recover damages, and get the care you need. We will handle the legal processes while you focus on healing.

Types of Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Any vehicle that is used for the purpose of completing a job, and/or is owned by a business, is considered a commercial vehicle. Many commercial vehicles are larger, such as 18-wheelers and vans, but a small or midsize car that is used by a business is also considered as a commercial vehicle.

Commercial vehicle accidents may involve:

  • 18-wheelers
  • Vans
  • Company cars
  • Delivery vehicles

Liability for Commercial Vehicle Accidents

If you have been injured in a collision with a commercial vehicle, it is likely that the driver and the company they work for share liability. Although the driver behaved negligently and is responsible for their actions, their negligence is likely a product of negligent guidance from their employer. Employers who require their workers to drive must hire competent employees and train them properly. By not doing this, employers are equally responsible for any accidents as the negligent driver.

Evidence in Commercial Vehicle Accident Claims

Although the involvement of a driver’s employer can complicate commercial vehicle accident claims, it may be possible to recover evidence from the employer that can help with your claim. Employers should have records of their driver’s hiring, training, and work performance. Additionally, trucking companies and other commercial transportation businesses often keep documents related to maintenance, safety violations, trip logs, and other records of their vehicles’ operations. All of these pieces of evidence could provide proof of negligent behavior by the driver and their employer, which could substantiate your claim.

The attorneys of Zambrano Law Firm can handle your collision claim. We will collect evidence of your accident, build a strong claim, and protect your rights at every step. We are dedicated to helping injury victims recover the compensation they deserve.

If you are interested in speaking with our legal team, send us a message or call (956) 627-0908 for a free consultation.

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