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Holding Negligent Product Manufacturers Accountable for Widespread Harm

When a singular act of wrongdoing or negligence — called a tort in some legal settings — causes widespread harm, it may result in the opportunity to create a mass tort. As even the worst of random accidents will usually only harm a handful of people at most, mass torts tend to be created due to defectively designed products or dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. At Zambrano Law Firm, our Texas personal injury lawyers have the knowledge and know-how of complex injury claims needed to represent our clients in mass torts as well. Call our law firm at (956) 627-0908 to learn more about mass torts and our reputable team of attorneys.

Types of Mass Torts We Can Manage

Zambrano Law Firm accepts all sorts of mass torts, but we have an intentional focus on cases involving:

  • Roundup®: The popular weedkiller from Monsanto has been linked to non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
  • Talcum powder: Johnson & Johnson baby powder products with talcum powder have been shown to sometimes have traces of asbestos contamination, leading to ovarian cancer and mesothelioma.
  • Incretin mimetics: Certain drugs to treat type 2 diabetes are alleged to cause some users to develop pancreatic cancer, an unlisted side effect. Januvia, Janumet, Victoza, and Byetta in particular have been named by past plaintiffs.
  • Benzene exposure: Various types of fuel, solvents, rubbers, and plastics created with benzene may be causing consumers to suffer a variety of diseases, including a rare form of leukemia.
  • Defective auto parts: Automakers have been under the pressure in recent years due to several ongoing mass torts for defective parts. Most notably, GM has been sued for faulty ignition switches, and Takata’s defective airbags have caused dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries worldwide.

How a Mass Tort Functions

When it becomes apparent that a significant number of plaintiffs all want to sue a single defendant for the same or similar reasons, a mass tort attorney acting on their behalf will file a mass tort action with a court. The responding judge will decide if a mass tort is the best way to move forward, mainly considering the number of plaintiffs and the proposed similarities of their damages. After a mass tort is approved, the court will often require a public notification to be sent through printed and televised advertised where relevant in order to allow more eligible plaintiffs to step forward.

Each plaintiff in a mass tort will make their own claim in pursuit of their own damages. This is unlike a class action, in which a single case is used to represent an entire class that divides any compensation amount gained.

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Have you been harmed by a defective product or dangerous drug? Do not hesitate to see how Zambrano Law Firm and our Texas mass tort attorneys can help you. We are prepared to stand up for your rights and compensation, as well as those of others in adjacent mass torts, no matter the size of the opposition.

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